The team at Independent Environmental are well qualified and have many years experience in asbestos inspection and consultancy allowing us to offer a full service of providing professional and practical advice and guidance in this field. As a company we are independent of any removal contractors or air monitoring laboratories and therefore have no conflict of interest when delivering advice and recommendations.

The purpose of this survey is to locate as far as reasonably practicable, the presence and extent of any suspect asbestos containing materials in the building and assess their condition. Representative samples are collected and analysed for the presence of asbestos. Samples from each suspect asbestos containing material will be analysed to confirm or refute the surveyors judgement. Other similar materials that are homogenous or replicate to those sampled can be strongly presumed to contain asbestos. The fabric of the building will not be broken into during this survey, however a reasonable amount of intrusive inspection will take place.

This survey is not suitable for building where refurbishment work or demolition are planned.

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