This training is applicable to those who will knowing disturb asbestos containing materials, such as maintenance workers and their supervisors. This training would enable those trained to undertake the work outlined in the HSE publication “Asbestos Essentials” which would include:- drilling holes in asbestos cement sheets; removal of a door with AIB fireproofing; drilling holes in textured coatings that contain asbestos; removing a single asbestos containing gas or electric heater.

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  • Regulation and guidance relating to asbestos and your
    responsibilities in this regard.
  • Asbestos surveys and how to read them.
  • What creates asbestos exposure and how we control it including the basic principles of the control limit, air monitoring and fibre release.
  • Emergency procedures in event of an uncontrolled release of asbestos
  • A discussion of the basic requirement to produce a plan of work and risk assessments including related legislation including a practical session where candidates are asked to create their own plan of work.
  • What is classed as Licensed, Non-licensed and Notifiable non-licensed work.
  • Control measures: theory and practical session, which includes a hands on session allowing the candidates to practice some of the techniques they have learnt.
  • Personnel and area decontamination procedures.
  • Proper waste handling procedures, completing consignment notes.
  • A review of non-asbestos hazards that may have a bearing on the work undertaken.
  • Finally concluding with a practical group discussion based on the days learning.

This course is for groups of six people (or 12 with two trainers) and lasts for a full day.

It is a requirement that all candidates have sat an asbestos awareness course within 6 months prior to sitting this course.

Each delegate receives a free set of Type 5 overalls, an FFP3 mask, a course manual, a UKATA certificate and a plastic photo ID card upon completion of a UKATA assessment.

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