Respirator Mask Fit Testing

Respirator mask fit testing is HSE’s recommended method of ensuring that a tight fitting respirator is suitable for the wearers face. Face fit testing should be carried out by a competent face fit tester. Using experienced, fit2fit accredited fit testers, we can ensure that the RPE used by your employees is providing the protection you would expect.

According to recent research, up to 50% of all RPE being worn within the workplace does not provide the wearer with the level of protection required and one of the primary reasons for this is that it simply doesn’t fit!

Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE) need to seal tightly to the wearers face in order to provide the expected protection. HSE recommends that a fit test is carried out as part of the selection process to ensure a good seal is achievable. This is a legal requirement for all tight fitting respirators.

At Independent Environmental Limited we can provide Qualitative respirator fit testing to ensure the RPE chosen provides an adequate seal to the wearers face. All fit tests will be carried out by a fit2fit accredited fit tester.

Fit testing can be carried out on your premises nationwide or alternatively at one of our training centres.

Want to become a fit tester?

At Independent Environmental Ltd., we can provide you with the knowledge and practical skills to undertake competent face fit testing.

A comprehensive, full day training course for up to 8 delegates.

The Course content includes:

  • Knowledge of different types and classes of RPE.
  • Filters
  • Respirators
  • Powered/ assisted
  • Airfed devices
  • The Role and Principles of fit testing.
  • Protection factors
  • What does it mean for RPE to be both adequate and suitable?
  • Respirator Maintenance
  • Donning of respirators
  • Legislative requirements
  • Purpose of fit testing
  • Qualitative fit test method.
  • Practical application of fit test method.
  • Identifying faults
  • Diagnosing results
  • Record keeping

All training is provided by a fit2fit accredited fit tester and can be conducted on your premises nationwide, or at one of our training centres.

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